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The System Management Interface Forum (SMIF), Inc., provides a membership path for any company or individual to be an active participant in any of the SMIF forums and working groups.  To join, contact us at the following address.

Mailing address and fax

Note: This was a new address as of September 2010. (The fax number did not change.)

System Management Interface Forum, Inc.
501 W President George Bush Hwy Ste 130
Richardson TX 75080-1141

+1-972-238-1286 Fax

Joining SMIF

To join, you must pay your first year’s dues to SMIF at the address above. Annual dues are now $3900 US Dollars.

When joining, please provide us with full contact information: contact person&rquo;s name, email, phone number, and physical address.

Special handling needs: Do you need a signed invoice, or a bank account for electronic funds transfer (EFT)? If so, send an email to the SMIF administrator at admin@smiforum.org for separate instructions or special handling of your membership payment.

Your purchase order (PO) is welcome. However, your SMIF membership normally starts when we receive your check or electronic funds transfer (EFT), not when we receive your PO.

If you do send us a purchase order (PO), and you want us to issue or re-issue an invoice referencing that purchase order, please tell us so.

Joining a SMIF forum

SMIF membership is necessary but not sufficient to join one or more of the SMIF forums. To join a SMIF forum, you must download, sign, and send in the adopters agreement for that forum. (There is no additional cost.)

For speed, we suggest you send your signed adopters agreement(s) to us electronically by fax or email. Your membership in a forum can begin as soon as we receive your signed agreement electronically.

We also request you send us a signed, paper original of each agreement for our files. We suggest you send us 2 signed, paper originals of each agreement; we will counter-sign both originals and send one back to you.

When sending paper copies, please use the current, correct mailing address shown above on this web page. The mailing address on the SBS adopters agreement might be outdated.